Styled Shoots

/ September 22, 2017

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from the photographer… “Laura and Han are Sacramento natives, who just got engaged in real life a few months ago. They’ve been together for 7 years and now that Laura is finishing up nursing school, they decided it was time to start their journey of marriage together. Laura’s dog Snowball is her baby, like most of our pets are. So when Han decided to propose, he wanted to include Snowball. After months of planning, Snowball got “sick” and had to go to the vet. Once they arrived at the clinic, the vet urged Laura to have an x-ray done on Snowball (the vet was in on it!). To Laura’s amazement, when the vet came back and displayed the x-ray it appeared that Snowball had swallowed what looked to be an engagement ring! Little did Laura know, Han had the whole veterinary staff in on it. They placed the ring below snowball for the x-ray, he did not actually eat the ring! The moment she saw it, she looked confused and turned to Han, who was down on one knee with the ring.”

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“When I was planning this lakeside inspirational shoot, I was thrilled that Han and Laura were available. Tahoe is where they love hiking and where they come to relax, so Sand Harbor Beach not only made the perfect backdrop for this styled shoot, it was also meaningful to them as a couple. For any couples exploring the possibility of an outdoor lakeside wedding, this is some seriously beautiful inspiration!”

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